Maglite 2 Cell Xenon Lamp One Per Card #87520

MAGLITE Maglite 2 Cell Xenon Lamp One Per Card

Maglite 2 Cell Xenon Lamp One Per Card #87520

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These genuine Maglite 3-cell C and D cell replacement globes will keep your torch running smoothly for a long time.
Featuring genuine 'Xenon' incandescent light bulb replacements, this product will extend the life of your 3-cell C&D Maglite. Compatible with 3 cell C or D alkaline batteries only.
This new high-performance xenon bulb type is now available for all two-cell  C- or D-battery incandescent MagLite flashlights.
The new bulbs have a bi-pin (or two-wire) base configuration, instead of a traditional PR-style flange base, and they will fit directly into the bi-pin sockets of MagLite's upcoming incandescent flash-light models.
Each bulb package includes a special conversion socket and a new bulb retainer collar, so these new bulbs can be very easily retrofitted onto all existing C&D-battery MagLite models.
The latest Magnum Star II bulb types will provide significantly brighter output, and also improved beam quality, when
compared to earlier White Star krypton and Magnum Star xenon bulb products, so you can greatly improve an old flashlight's performance for the cost of a bulb.

  • White Light
  • Compatible with 3-Cell C or D alkaline batteries only

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