Mason Cash In The Forest Honey Pot #28524

MASON CASH Mason Cash In The Forest Honey Pot
MASON CASH Mason Cash In The Forest Honey Pot

Mason Cash In The Forest Honey Pot #28524

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The Mason Cash In the Forest range is intricately embossed with forest scenes inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th century. The Honey Pot, complete with a wooden drizzler is ideal for storing and serving your honey, treacle, or syrup in style. Life’s golden nectar! A little goes a long way. But where’s the fun in that? When everyday tasks have you going around like a busy bee, it’s important to just take it easy with a bowl of homemade oats or with a cup of freshly made tea sweetened with honey. So, flavor your day just to your liking with the Cream In the Forest Honey Pot by Mason Cash. A spoon is good but a drizzler is better and in wood no doubt. This only personalizes the unique feel of your store-bought or homemade honey even more so. And wrapping all around the pot just below the lid, there’s a flattering design depicting a tranquil forest, covered everywhere with falling leaves and more, just as nature is. But what’s even better is the durable stoneware material making up the honey pot; this allows you to store honey for as long as you have it, without much thought to chips, at least not as much as other storage containers. Nothing has changed much for Mason Cash in the past few centuries, back to a time at the heart of England, and with good reason. At Mason Cash, designs inspired by skilled artisans are still being developed with imaginative tales embossed across high-quality materials. One such design is the Cream In the Forest Honey Pot.


  • Comes with a honey pot, a notched lid, and a matching wooden dipper for dispensing honey
  • Intricately crafted honey pot with embossed forest scenes inspired by mid-19th century folktales
  • Designed with a pristine white finish to easily blend in any dining occasion
  • Ideal for storing and serving honey, treacle, or syrup and makes an adorable present
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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