Nuance Wine Finer Pourer Stopper #13107

NUANCE Nuance Wine Finer Pourer Stopper

Nuance Wine Finer Pourer Stopper #13107

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Ideal for restaurants and sommeliers this new shorter version, Nuance Wine Finer II, has all the functionality of its predecessors. The Wine Finer II is a small, practical, and multifunctional wine pourer. It aerates and filters the wine while pouring. The non-drip tip has a tightly fitted lid to keep the aroma should one not finish the bottle. 

The subtle taste of fine red wine only comes out when the wine is thoroughly aerated. This is easily and elegantly taken care of by the Nuance Wine Finer. In just 30 seconds, you can decant a whole bottle of red wine whilst pouring it into glasses. The rushing sound of bubbles gives evidence of the excellent aeration process. 

Unlike other wine aerators, the Wine Finer can be used with only one hand. The non-drop pour spout neatly pours glass after glass without waste or mess. The drip catcher ensures that not a drop is spilled; instead, the wine runs back into the bottle. With the Wine Finer, you can easily empty the whole bottle. Just insert the Wine Finer into your bottle and pour. The wine flows through the aeration holes and filter vents while an inner stainless steel screen filters out all sediments and pieces of cork. 

The Wine Finer is made of solid silicone so it fits tightly into the bottle. The close-fitting lid keeps the remaining wine fresh for later use. Just top your Wine Finer with the stopper and enjoy a glass later. After use, it is recommended to rinse the Wine Finer underwater and let it dry.

  • Nuance gives you at once, elegant and aesthetically pleasing design and an innovative and practical product.
  • This is reflected in this fine funnel, it decants the wine perfectly, enhancing its taste and bouquet.
  • Any dregs and sediments are effectively filtered out by the integrated strainer.
  • To keep things tidy, the funnel components are neatly stored atop the stylish stand when not in use.

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