Alligator Chopper With Collector Stainless Steel #91013

ALLIGATOR Alligator Chopper With Collector Stainless Steel

Alligator Chopper With Collector Stainless Steel #91013

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True to Swedish simplicity and elegance, the idea is to save you energy and time while preparing precise cuts of food. Alligator is a Swedish invention, patented worldwide selling products and guaranteed quality. Alligator products make the laborious task of chopping fruit and vegetables quick, safe, and fun. With the Alligator Chopper, you can have perfectly diced onions, tomatoes, or potatoes in one easy stroke.
The Alligator is used by top chefs in restaurants around the world. Using the 28 knife blades, in one simple pressing action, results in faster and safer preparation, and one set of knives can chop approximately 1,000 kilograms of onions. Our Alligator products will prove indispensable to anyone wanting to save time and cut with precision!
The Alligator Stainless Steel Chopper is an exclusive model in stainless steel equipped with three interchangeable knife sets, a standard 6 × 6 mm set for items such as onions, a 12 × 12 mm knife grid for chopping thicker items such as french fries, and a 3 × 3 mm set for chopping smaller items such as garlic.

The sharp beveled blades cleanly cut through all types of food. Alligator uses the best steel in the world, imported from Korea to cleanly slice and dice vegetables, onions, fruit, and much more. The blades won't rust or retain flavors and smells. Your Alligator will stay sharp and give you years of precision vegetable chopping.

  • Safer than a knife
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly

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