Chefs Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Sharp Silver #00505

CHEF’S CHOICE Chefs Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Sharp Silver

Chefs Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Sharp Silver #00505

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Today's fast-paced commercial kitchens require an efficient, cost-effective, and safety-conscious system of cutlery maintenance. The NSF-certified Model 2100 is the perfect solution for quickly sharpening knives in a cost and time-efficient manner. Its advanced technology allows anyone to quickly and easily put a razor-sharp edge on all commercial cutlery and even sharpen serrated knives. The three-stage Chef's Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Model 2100 is fast and easy to use and creates a superior, longer-lasting sharp cutting edge that surpasses any other commercial sharpener. It will eliminate the need for costly and inconvenient knife sharpening services. 

The unique edge geometry produced by the Model 2100's three-stage patented sharpening process (Edge Select) can produce an edge with extraordinary "bite" for fibrous foods or a fine edge for precision cutting and slicing. Safe for quality knives, it never distempers the knife blade. 

The Chef's Choice 2100 Commercial Sharpener is incredibly fast at least two- to three times faster than other commercial sharpeners. It sharpens the entire blade length of kitchen knives from the smallest paring knife to the largest chef's knife and cleaver in seconds. Built-in precision angle guides assure the correct sharpening angle and pressure and eliminate guesswork making it easier to use than any other sharpener.

  • Revolutionary, 3-Stage commercial sharpener with Edge Select lets you choose the edge to match the cutting task.
  • Fast! Diamond abrasives and ultra-fine stropping stage For amazingly sharp edges in seconds.
  • Comes with a rugged sharpening module for 20-degree class knives, detaches easily for cleaning and Sanitizing in the sink or commercial dishwasher.
  • Sharpens all 20-degree class knives, straight edge and serrated kitchen knives, butcher knives, pocket, and sporting knives, even cleavers.
  • Edges stay sharp up to 3 times longer! Advanced Trizor-Plus triple-bevel edge lasts and lasts.

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