Global Herb Chopper Stainless Steel #79484

GLOBAL Global Herb Chopper Stainless Steel
GLOBAL Global Herb Chopper Stainless Steel

Global Herb Chopper Stainless Steel #79484

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Professional chefs might be highly-strung types, prone to passionate arguments but when it comes to Global knives, chefs everywhere can agree that these knives are the best around.

Global knives are renowned for their superior quality, their sharper-than-sharp cutting edges, perfect weighting, and their instantly recognizable design. Global draws its manufacturing inspiration from ancient Japanese swordsmiths, who perfected the art of sword-making to produce strong, sharp blades for the samurai, while also taking ingenuity from German and Italian fields of technology and design.

In short, if you invest in a Global knife, you'll carry it with you, from one kitchen to another, for a lifetime.

Today, following both their nation's time-honored traditions and innovative nature, Global continues to produce knives of the finest quality. And, just like the swords of the samurai past, each Global knife lends distinction to the chef who uses it amateur or professional.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Crafted from Cromova 18 stainless steel.
  • Seamless construction.
  • Maintains a super-sharp edge even after prolonged use.
  • The hollow textured handle is perfectly balanced for a comfortable grip.
  • Includes a plastic blade cover.
  • Hand washes only, dry thoroughly.

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